Student Surgical Rotation Orientation

By participating in a surgical rotation at Baptist Health South Florida, you are a part of the Quality and Safety program. You are contributing to the patient’s experience and you are responsible for upholding our high standards of excellence. 

After reviewing this document, you should understand Baptist Health’s policies and expectations related to:

1. Operating room emergency procedures.
2. Locating the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
3. Life Safety Tour.
4. Parameters/restrictions of the surgical environment.
5. Surgical scrubbing method. 
6. Properties of maintaining a sterile field.
7. Gowning and gloving techniques. 
8. Departmental policies.

STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS: Please save and email your certificate of completion to the nurse educator at the hospital in which you will be doing your surgical rotation. Certificates will be available immediately after successful completion via “My account” on your profile. 

Target Audience

Surgical rotation students.

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