Scoring Key: 5=Strongly Agree 4= Somewhat agree 3=Neither agree nor disagree 2= Somewhat disagree 1=Strongly disagree NA=Not applicable
The skills learned in this CME course enhanced my professional competence.
The skills learned in this CME course will be applied in the treatment of my patients.
5 = High level of confidence 4 = Moderately high level of confidence 3 = Average level of confidence 2 = Low level of confidence 1 = No level of confidence NA|Not applicable to my practice
Utilize state-of-the-art echocardiography in the diagnosis and treatment of valvular and structural heart disease.
Scoring Key: 5=Strongly satisfied 4= Somewhat satisfied 3=Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 2= Somewhat dissatisfied 1=Strongly dissatisfied
Introduction to Valvular Heart Disease and Updates on the Guidelines- Linda Gillam, M.D., MPH
Sonographers' Corner: Evaluating Aortic Stenosis - Orlando Santana, RDCS 
Back to Basics for Aortic Stenosis and More- Elliott Elias, M.D., MPH
Evaluating Low-Gradient Aortic Stenosis and Outcomes for TAVR vs. SAVR- Linda Gillam, M.D., MPH
Modern Role of CT Imaging in the Workup of Transcatheter Procedures: Have We Learned it All Already?- Omar Khalique, M.D.
Review Normal and Abnormal Gradients Post TAVR- Muhamed Saric, M.D., Ph.D.
My Toughest Decision for SAVR vs. TAVR- Bernardo Lopez Sanabria, M.D.
Introduction to Prosthetic Heart Valves: Form, Function and Type- William Zoghbi, M.D.
Sonographers' Corner: My Toughest Cases of Prosthetic Heart Valves- Jessen Jacob, M.D. 
Evaluation of Prosthetic Heart Valves: Form and Function-  Linda Gillam, M.D., MPH
Clinical Conundrum: Is It Pathologic Obstruction vs. Patient Prosthesis Mismatch of the Aortic Valve?- Muhamed Saric, M.D., Ph.D.
My Toughest and Most Interesting Cases of TMVR- Lowie Van Assche, M.D.
Assessment of Prosthetic Mitral Valve Regurgitation and Stenosis- William Zoghbi, M.D.
Will Artificial Intelligence Replace the Clinical Echocardiographer?- Damian Chaupin, M.D.
Full Court Press: Is It Necessary in Valvular Heart Disease?- Elliott Elias, M.D., MPH
Should I Treat Asymptomatic Severe Valvular Heart Disease Stage C?- Linda Gillam, M.D., MPH
Evaluation of Aortic Regurgitation Severity with Echocardiography and MRI- William Zoghbi, M.D.
Management Options for Asymptomatic Aortic Regurgitation and the Future of Transcatheter Treatment: Evaluating the Need for Guideline Updates- Nadira Hamid, M.D.
An Interesting Case of Constrictive vs. Restrictive Heart Disease- Jae K. Oh, M.D. 
Case Presentations of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Where Shared Decision Making Meets the Guidelines- Eli Friedman, M.D. 
Role of the Interventional Cardiographer in the Workup of Etoh Ablation vs. Surgery- Nadira Hamid, M.D.