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Evaluate the potential utility of the covered developments and advances in current oncology practice.
Outline and evaluate the supporting evidence for these developments and advances.
Appreciate the appropriate clinical settings to apply the reviewed technologies and therapies.
Incorporate these novel strategies into the management of their patients.
Scoring key: 5=Very effective, 4= Effective, 3= Somewhat effective, 2= Slightly effective, 1= Completely Ineffective, N/A= Not Applicable
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The Shaping of Precision Medicine in Oncology - José Baselga, M.D., Ph.D.
Lung Cancer: EGFR and Beyond - Miguel Villalona Calero, M.D.
ABL and CML and Beyond - Michael Mauro, M.D.
Melanoma: Targeting the ERK Pathway - Paul Chapman, M.D.
CAR T-Cell Therapy of Cancer - Renier Brentjens, M.D., Ph.D.
Synergy of SBRT and T-Cell Checkpoint Inhibitors - Suresh Nair, M.D.
Immunotherapy Toxicities: Management in the Community Setting - Mandy Hendricks, MSN, R.N.
State of the Art and Future Directions for Castration-Resistant Disease - Howard Scher, M.D.
Bone-Directed and Tumor-Directed Strategies in Prostate Cancer - Michael Morris, M.D.
Outcomes of Surgical Management - Joseph Wagner, M.D.
Interoperability in Support of Precision Medicine and Value-Based Medicine - Peter Yu, M.D.
Genetics of Women’s Cancers: Advances Through Genomic Medicine - Jeffrey Boyd, Ph.D.
Overcoming Resistance to Endocrine Therapy - Maura Dickler, M.D.
HER2: Trastuzumab and Beyond - Chau Dang, M.D.
Triple-Negative Dilemma - Tiffany Traina, M.D.
Oncoplastic Breast Surgery - Mahmoud El-Tamer, M.D.
Establishing a New Standard of Care for Gastric Cancer: Robotics and Beyond - Vivian Strong, M.D.
Optimizing Management of the Retroperitoneum in Testicular Cancer - Joel Sheinfeld, M.D.
Expanding the Horizon of Proton Clinical Trials - Minesh Mehta, M.D.
Spine Radiosurgery: The Confluence of Biology and Technology - Yoshiya (Josh) Yamada, M.D.
A Brave New World of Radiation and Immunotherapy for Brain Tumors - Kathryn Beal, M.D.
Functional MRI in the Clinical Setting - Andrei Holodny, M.D.
Curing Solid Tumors: A Role for Molecular Targeted Radionuclides in Prostate, Thyroid and Colon Cancer - Steven Larson, M.D.
Hepatic Arterial Therapies: Novel Approaches - Amy Deipolyi, M.D., Ph.D.
54321Not Applicable
Blood and Marrow Transplant: Homebound Transplant - Christopher Brooks, M.S., R.N.
Patient Portal - MaryAnn Connor, MSN, R.N.-BC
The Research Nurse’s Role in Clinical Trials - Amanda Copeland, MSN, R.N.
The Pharmacist’s Role in the Care of Oncology Patients - Orlando Matas-Sosa, Pharm. D., MBA
OncoFertility/Sexual Health - Joanne Frankel Kelvin, MSN, R.N. and Joseph Narus, DNP, R.N.
Genetic Counseling - Candace Peterson, M.S., LCGC
Survivorship - Mary McCabe, R.N., M.A.
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