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The skills learned in this CME course enhanced my professional competence.
The skills learned in this CME course will be applied in the treatment of my patients.
5 = High level of confidence 4 = Moderately high level of confidence 3 = Average level of confidence 2 = Low level of confidence 1 = No level of confidence NA|Not applicable to my practice
Utilize state-of-the-art echocardiography in the diagnosis and treatment of valvular and structural heart disease.
Scoring Key: 5=Strongly satisfied 4= Somewhat satisfied 3=Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 2= Somewhat dissatisfied 1=Strongly dissatisfied
Sonographers’ Corner: Evaluating Mitral Regurgitation: Difference Between Functional and Primary MR with Different Cases- Jois B. Gonzalez, RDCS
Evaluation of Mitral Regurgitation: New Concepts in Mitral Valve Prolapse- William Zoghbi, M.D.
Identifying Valvular the Pathology and Workup for TEER- Stephen Little, M.D.
My Toughest and Most Interesting Cases of Valve in TEER- Nish Patel, M.D.
Evaluation of Mitral Stenosis- Elliott Elias, M.D., MPH
Guidelines on TEER and TMVR: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?- Stephen Little, M.D.
Case Presentation - Strain- Socrates Kakoulides, M.D.
When and How to Use 3D Imaging and AI in the Modern Echo Lab: Should I Be Doing More or Less?- Elliott Elias, M.D., MPH
The Adjunctive Role of CMR for Cardiomyopathies: When Echo is Not Enough- Omar Khalique, M.D.
Essential TEE Views (Mitral and Tricuspid) and How They Relate to the Sonographer- Muhamed Saric, M.D., Ph.D.
Cardiac Chamber Assessment and Normal Values in 12 Minutes or Less: What Do I Need to Know?- Socrates Kakoulides, M.D.
Imaging and Treatment of Cardiac Shunts (ASD/VSD/PFO)- Muhamed Saric, M.D., Ph.D.
My Toughest and Most Interesting Cases of Diastology: Learn from the Expert- Jae K. Oh, M.D. 
Echo Assessment in Hemodynamically Unstable Patients: A Case-Based Approach to Diagnosing Acute Pulmonary Emboli and Cardiac Tamponade- Ana Victoria Soto-Quintela, M.D.
Sonographers' Corner: How Do I Optimize My Stress Echo Protocol?- Katrina M. Kraus
Stress Echo in Valve Disease- Jae K. Oh, M.D. 
Sonographers’ Corner: Evaluating Tricuspid Regurgitation- Veronica Gonzalez Fernandez
My Toughest and Most Interesting Cases of Tricuspid Clip- Ramon Quesada, M.D.
Assessing the Right Ventricle with Multimodality Imaging: When Have We Reached the Point of No Return?- Omar Khalique, M.D.
Anatomy and Echo Imaging of the Tricuspid Valve- Nadira Hamid, M.D.
TEER for TR and an Update on Transcatheter Therapy and Data for Tricuspid Regurgitation- Stephen Little, M.D