5 = Extremely familiar 4 = Moderately familiar 3 = Somewhat familiar 2 = Slightly familiar 1 = Not at all familiar
Major causes of maternal morbidity & mortality?
Common gynecologic dermatology conditions?
Conditions preimplantation genetic testing is used to identify?
Common causes of recurrent pregnancy loss?
The scientific basis behind the use of antenatal corticosteroid therapy for preterm birth management?
5 = High level of competence 4 = Moderately high level of competence 3 = Average level of competence 2 = Low level of competence 1 = No level of competence
Implement best practices in the management of major causes of maternal morbidity?
Apply a comprehensive medical treatment approach to reduce maternal mortality?
Determine appropriate long term treatment options for chronic gynecologic dermatology conditions?
Describe the impact preimplantation genetic testing has on reproductive clinical outcomes?
Utilize current recommendations for evaluation and treatment options for the prevention of recurrent pregnancy loss?