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Identify the most common pediatric brain tumors, their clinical manifestations and genetic causes.
Explain the difference in chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy for pediatric brain tumors.
Explain the biology, rationale and pre-clinical development of chimeric antigen receptors (CAR T) cells.
Explain how nutrients can work at different levels of carcinogenesis to decrease risk of cancer.
Implement a nutrition plan as a part of a comprehensive cancer treatment plan.
Implement immunotherapy into the management of high-risk patients with neuroblastoma.
Identify when to initiate legal action in the clinical decision making process for a pediatric patient.
Analyze the relationship between genomics and pediatric malignancies.
Explain the contribution of genomics to improving cancer survival.
Explain appropriate implementation of proton therapy.
Discuss the incidence of specific late adverse effects on children treated with radiation therapy.
Examine the dosimetric and clinical evidence supporting the use of proton therapy in children.
Identify pediatric-specific immunotherapies that are both approved and in clinical trials.
Initiate appropriate treatment referrals for children diagnosed with acute leukemias.
Implement necessary treatment plans to improve patient outcomes.
Identify the neurocognitive sequela of kids with cancer.
Identify the early signs of neurocognitive decline to promote timely referrals for appropriate interventions.
Explain the future direction in pediatric oncology.
Explain the benefits of receiving pediatric radiation therapy at a high volume center specializing in treating children.
Identify the various types of tumors seen in NF and implement management plans.
Analyze challenging cases in pediatric cancers and implement appropriate treatment options.
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New Developments in the Management of Childhood Brain Tumors - Ziad Khatib, M.D.
The Immune System as Anti-Cancer Therapy - Kevin J. Curran, M.D.
Diet and Cancer: Prevention and Supportive Care - Jennifer Caceres, M.S., R.D., LD/N
Neuroblastoma: Update on Biology Management - Shakeel Modak, M.D.
Informed Consent for Pediatric Patients: Leap of Faith - Kevin J. Curran, M.D.
54321Not Applicable
Genomics and Pediatric Malignancy - Jeffrey Boyd, Ph.D.
Intro to Proton Therapy - Marcio Fagundes, M.D.
Proton Therapy for Pediatric Brain and Skull Base Tumors - Matthew D. Hall, M.D
Immunotherapy of Pediatric Solid Tumors - Shakeel Modak, M.D
Update on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - Doured Daghistani, M.D.
Pediatric Neuropsychiatry - Reshma Naidoo, Ph.D.
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology: Past, Present, Future - Guillermo DeAngulo, M.D.
Proton Therapy for Pediatric Cancers: The End of the Beginning - Matthew D. Hall, M.D.
Neurofibromatosis and Cancer - Ziad Khatib, M.D.
Case Presentations - Doured Daghistani, M.D.
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