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Advances in Genomic Medicine
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Link to Course:https://cmeonline.baptisthealth.net/content/advances-genomic-medicine-focus-head-and-neck-cancers#group-tabs-node-course-default1

Link to Video: https://cdn.baptisthealth.net/cme/vol01/head_neck_cancer/HNC16_Boyd-1.mp4


Cancer Genome Atlas Network (2015). Comprehensive genomic characterization of head and neck squamous cell carcinomas. Nature, 517(7536), 576–582.

Agrawal, N., Frederick, M. J., Pickering, C. R., Bettegowda, C., Chang, K., Li, R. J., Fakhry, C., Xie, T. X., Zhang, J., Wang, J., Zhang, N., El-Naggar, A. K., Jasser, S. A., Weinstein, J. N., Treviño, L., Drummond, J. A., Muzny, D. M., Wu, Y., Wood, L. D., Hruban, R. H., … Myers, J. N. (2011). Exome sequencing of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma reveals inactivating mutations in NOTCH1. Science (New York, N.Y.), 333(6046), 1154–1157.

Vogelstein, B., Papadopoulos, N., Velculescu, V. E., Zhou, S., Diaz, L. A., & Kinzler, K. W. (2013). Cancer genome landscapes. science, 339(6127), 1546-1558.

Clinical Selection for IV Alteplase and Endovascular Treatment
Internet Enduring Material
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Link to Course: https://cmeonline.baptisthealth.net/content/clinical-selection-iv-alteplase-and-endovascular-treatment#group-tabs-node-course-default1

Link to Video: https://cdn.baptisthealth.net/cme/vol01/olp/Clinical_Selection_IV_Alteplase_Endovascular_Treatment_BD.mp4


Powers WJ, Rabinstein AA, Ackerson T, Adeoye OM, Bambakidis NC, Becker K, et al. 2018 guidelines for the early management of patients with acute ischemic stroke: A guideline for healthcare professionals from the american heart association/american stroke association. Stroke. 2018;49:e46-e110

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Moderate Sedation
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DVD Video Content:

Practice Guidelines for Sedation & Analgesia by Nonanesthesiologists  (Anesthesiology 96: 1004-1017, 2002)

Guidelines for Non-operating Room Anesthetizing Locations (Last amended 10/15/2003)

Statement on Safe use of Propofol (ASA approved 10/27/2004)

Practice Guidelines for the Perioperative Mgmnt of Pts. With Sleep Apnea (Anesthesiology V104, No.5 May ’06)

Statement on Granting Privileges for Admin. of Moderate Sedation to Practitioners Who Are Not Anesthesia Professionals (Approved by ASA 10/25/05, amended 10/18/06)