Thank you for participating in an upcoming continuing medical education (CME) activity, sponsored by Baptist Health South Florida, an ACCME-accredited provider of CME. Your time and contributions are vital to the success of our programs.

Important Documents

CME Providers must document that they meet the highest standards of objectivity and content validation. We appreciate your support in meeting the following responsibilities.

  1. Complete a CME Request Form (PDF).
  2. Complete a Faculty Planning and Attestation Form (PDF).
  3. Complete your CME Disclosure Form (PDF).
  4. Complete a Flight Reservation Information Sheet (PDF) if travel arrangements are necessary.
  5. Complete a W9 or W8 form (PDF) if you are receiving payment.
  6. Complete the Video Recording Consent Form (PDF). Your lecture may be selected to be placed online as part of our free online learning program.
  7. Provide a minimum of ten multiple choice questions. Kindly follow these guidelines:
    • Use positive wording. (e.g., USE: Which of the following is a symptom of sepsis? AVOID: Which of the following is not a symptom of sepsis?)
    • Questions should relate to the course objectives.
    • Write questions as simply and plainly as possible.
    • Questions should have one best answer.
    • DO NOT USE “All of the Above”, “None of the Above”, or “True/False” as answers.

If you have questions, please contact us at or 786-596-2398.

Additional Resources